Valentina Garbelotto was in the fifth grade when she wrote her first book. In Beavercreek, Ohio  she was in the middle school honors roll.  She graduated from elementary school with the President's award in 2014. When she was in the third grade in South Carolina, she won first place on a writing contest about the meaning of diversity, which took her to compete at the state level. These are...Colors is her first published book. She plans to continue writing.

Featured Author:Valentina Garbelotto

Featured Author:Cintia Roman-Garbelotto

Cintia Roman-Garbelotto is an experienced foreign language instructor and translator. Originally from Argentina, she has taught English and Spanish as a foreign language, including kids at the pre-school level. She lived in the Carolinas and Beavercreek, Ohio with her husband and two bilingual children.  She is now back in Argentina, starting her South American Tour.